supervision and project management

Building projects

Our long-term experience, technical know-how and on-the-job technical brilliance along with the continuous education/training regarding the application of the most contemporary techniques as well as materials, successfully result in the delivery of aperfect building.

All the work is performed under the on-the-spot continuous supervision of our expert personnel, directly responsible for the quality, planning and the overall management of the project with the aim of the optimal final outcome.

All of our projects are dealt with an equal diligence, either when they deal with the construction of a totally new building or the renovation/upgrade of an already existing one.

Special technical projects

In times of specialization, repair and reinforcement of existing constructions as well as their energy upgrading can be another challenge which we are ready to successfully deliver.

Geothermal cooling/heating systems

With our sincere respect to the environment we apply geothermal systems for the effective cooling/heating of a building.We undertake their study/detailed design as well as their implementation with our proprietary equipment and specialized personnel.